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Welcome to the magical garden! Walk through the avenue of beautifully colored flowers, under whose crowns you will feel like elves. While you marvel at the blossoming beauty, fairy-tale fairies, delicate girlish creatures, led by the most famous – Tinkerbell, are watching you now and then. Take a picture with them and join in their dance - our projection will take you straight to the fairy party and help you with the basic dance steps.


From the polar world straight to the underwater world! Right at the entrance you will be greeted by majestic seahorses. They amaze with their size, color and elegance. Further along, turtle friends, octopuses, cheerful little fish of all shapes and colors will beckon you, and Sebastian the crab will tell you that you are on the right path to Princess Ariel and the throne of her father, the king of all the seas, Triton.


Bright tigers rest in the grass swaying in the wind as they prepare to cross their safari territory.


Enter a snow-white winter kingdom full of ice bushes, cheerful bushy mammoths and reindeer, there is also a squirrel obsessed with its nut and a seemingly rough but kind-hearted saber-toothed tiger. You'll meet a family of polar bears and laugh with frolicking penguins - who doesn't love these funny animals in tailcoats!


Your kids won't want to go home from our activity-packed Play Zone!

PLAY ZÓNA offers dozens of movement attractions: slides, swings, ball pools, climbing walls or a crazy zip-line.